Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harrassment, Anti-Hazing, Threat Reporting

A.W. Beattie Career Center views the issues of Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, and Threats as a serious issue. These actions are not tolerated in any respect in the Career Center. In order to assist students, parents and guardians with reporting these concerns, the Career Center has created a confidential e-mail address;

Anyone may report any related issue with: Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, or Threats to this e-mail account or through the attached reporting form in writing. Reported incidents will be investigated and addressed according to the policy and procedures of the Career Center.

Please view the following website to learn how you can assist in the efforts to eliminate these actions.

A.W. Beattie Career Center Policies Related to Bullying, Harassment and Hazing:

Policy 247 - Hazing w/attached reporting form

Policy 248 - Harassment w/attached reporting form

Policy 249 - Bullying w/attached reporting form