Veterinary Sciences


Students enrolled in the Veterinary Assistant program will experience a wide variety of care and management techniques throughout the program. Students will learn to maintain medical records, schedules, offer client education, explore authentic laboratory procedures, and assist with nursing and preparation for surgical duties; along with routine exams. Students will gain a solid foundation in the Veterinary Sciences program on which to build a post-secondary degree and entry level employment skills.



Veterinary Sciences: Students enrolled in the Veterinary Sciences program will study a variety of subjects, not limited to:

A Veterinary Sciences student feeding the class rat

  • Office Procedures
  • Examination Room Procedures
  • Small Animal Nursing
  • Surgical Assisting
  • Pet TechFirst Aid



    Veterinary Sciences: Students who successfully complete the Veterinary Sciences program may look forward to careers in the following fields after continued study/work experience, not limited to:

    Veterinary Sciences student washing a dog

  • Animal Trainer
  • Non-Farm and Laboratory Animal Caretaker
  • Groomer
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Veterinary Assistant/ Technician